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Many small businesses start off at rocket speed. Ideas are flying, sales are increasing and things are great! During these high energy times things can often get overlooked. It could be weird pop ups on the desktop or the website is still “Under Construction”. As your business starts to mature and you settle in, you might realize you are constantly putting out IT fires. Rebooting the router or smacking the printer can become daily occurrences.

If you find yourself in this boat, we are here to help! LMIT can analyze your current IT environment, find all of your pain points and create and implement a plan to solve and maintain. We will work within your budget and provide good, better and best options to give flexibility in price and time.

Customer Stories

A potential client came to us with a myriad of problems. Their file server was crashing, their website needed completion and some of their PCs needed upgraded. After review of their entire IT environment, we gave them pricing and options for upgrading their infrastructure. We triaged and prioritized the most critical pieces first to eliminate daily issues. We then completed their website and implemented a Google Ads campaign to help attract new clients. The client was happy and we were excited about the optimization!

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