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We feel managed services can be costly to small businesses. After we solve our customers' primary problems, they often go into maintenance mode not requiring much support. This seems unfair to pay for services not being used. Running a small business ourselves, we understand how reoccurring costs can chew up your budget so we like to help you keep those to a minimum.

We usually start with a phone call. Introductions and getting to know each other are important to building trust which is critical to IT. From there we can setup in-person meetings or get straight to diagnosing issues! We will get an assessment of your current infrastructure (computers, web, network, etc.) and listen to your pain points. We will make a game plan to solve the most critical pain points first and work on the remaining items in order of importance. Eventually we will get you to the point where IT is a breeze. At that point we will check in from time to time and make sure everything is in good working order.

Contact us today so we can help solve all of your IT needs!