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When choosing a partner for cyber security, experience matters. LMIT has over a decade of protecting critical IT infrastructure.

As an official Sophos Authorized Partner, LMIT has the knowledge and technical skills to keep your staff and data safe and sound. Armed with Sophos Engineer and Architect certification, LMIT can assess the state of your current cyber security, make recommendations and implement them as well.

Having a partner that can assess and implement solutions keeps overhead low and implementation smooth.

Customer Stories

A client of ours was having issues being hacked with Cryptowall viruses. Luckily they had off-site backups to restore but it was becoming costly with downtime and lost data. They had tried anti-virus solutions such as Norton and Kaspersky which did not helped. After consulting with them, we recommended Sophos Central to manage threats and prevent the problem altogether. Using the Sophos web filtering tool we blocked eastern European top level domains which are notorious for malware. Implementing Sophos was a breeze and provided years of no Cryptowall viruses!

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